Small library at The Greenbriar
Photo credit: Alix King

Greenbriar members are expected to actively participate in the operation of the community. While there are any number of ways in which a shareholder may contribute to the cooperative, all members are required to join at least one committee and/or volunteer in some other tangible way. Members must also pay their monthly carrying charges in a timely manner; carrying charges cover all the costs of running the co-op.

Greenbriar provides its members with central heating and air conditioning, water, sewer, garbage collection, and recycling services. Each unit has washer/dryer hookups, a stove, and a dishwasher, all of which the co-op maintains, along with the plumbing. Shareholders must supply their own refrigerators, washers, and (electric) dryers, and are responsible for electric, gas, phone, and internet utilities.

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